Chairs in Space

I love this clean stencil Ruth Feeney designed for Newcastle Clean Art . Things you can do with a high pressure hose and a stencil eh? Ruth Feeney and Tarryn Raffan have a thing for chairs and made this mandala out of tea at the Lock-Up earlier this year.

Walking past Feeney's chair stencil today reminded me of the brilliant Doris Salcedo installation in Instanbul for the biennale in 2003.

I love the domestic spectacle of all those chairs (1,550 of them) and then I got to thinkin' about where all this started (or parts of it) and without going into an art history monologue, I'll insert one image of Alan Caprow's Yard in New York (1961).

Now back to the Newcastle stack of chairs. It's not the first time this space has been used to surprise and delight us. A few years ago, designer Nicola Xavier (Headjam) and Landscape Architect Adrian Hill created this work to sit within the site. It made the space sing and I wish it was still hanging here. The negative space you see in the image was planted with grass seed and actually grew throughout the exhibition period.


  1. Such beautiful things! I love, love, love the chair stencil. Want it on my bedroom wall!

  2. Also, this has been kicking around for a while.